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Yogurt-cucumber salad

This is one of my trifecta of dips for a Middle Eastern spread, along with lemon-cumin carrot salad, and beet-yogurt salad. It also works well with Indian food (though it’s chunkier and thicker than a traditional raita); or even Balkan and Russian food—I usually serve broth-boiled cabbage rolls or borek with this sauce, for instance. It was a staple of summer in Australia for me, on recovery day after a night of partying, with a light Lebanese-style selection of nibblies.


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Preserved lemons

The basic recipe for preserved lemons is dead simple. Just salt and lemon. You can spice it up, if you like. This is one time when I’d say not to bother. The plain lemons are so good, and you’ll probably be using them in recipes that already have their own seasoning. You can use them in almost any savory recipe that calls for lemons, like Greek lemon garlic chicken, tagine, or just as a marinade with olives.

Lemons in brine after 4 days


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