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Beef cheeks (carrillada) with port, apple, and honey

This is a simple to prepare Andalusian tapas. It also makes a perfect main, or a component of a big Andalusian feast (we’ve done it — it’s spectacular). This recipe takes the more common soffrito-and-wine preparation for cheek meat, and gives it a light, sweet, early autumn afternoon flavour with the addition of honey and apple.


Brad, Eliseo

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Lemon-cumin carrot salad

This is one of my favourite all-time dishes. It’s sweet, and rich, and almost sparkles on the tongue. Despite its simplicity, it tastes complex, and is more than the sum of its ingredients. Usually people ask me if it has honey in it—there is alchemy between the carrot and the lemon. Lemon-cumin carrot salad is nominally Turkish, but it works well in pretty much any Mediterranean meal, or tapas style or buffet spread. It’s not really a salad, but one of those things we don’t really have a word for in English, somewhere between a dip, and a salad.carrot_salad


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Flame roasting

Flame roasting is a surprising, but useful, way to cook many vegetables — especially chiles and eggplant (but also tomato, onion, garlic or zucchini). It leaves them tender, and slightly smoky. You can do it any time you are barbecuing, on charcoal or gas; or at home on a gas stove. It’s a dramatic process, and once you get over the surprise of burning the outside of your food black, in direct fire, you can enjoy upsetting your guests.charring veggies

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