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Black vinegar cabbage (shou si bao cai)

Black vinegar cabbage is ridiculously simple, and ridiculously good. It’s little more than cabbage, vinegar and oil — but the texture of the tender-cooked leaves and fragrance of the vinegar combine to make a mouth watering side dish. We get it almost every time we go to a Chinese restaurant, and make it almost every time we cook Chinese food.

sho si bao cai

— Thomas and Ulli

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Romanian red cabbage salad

This is a simple, versatile salad that looks striking and is more delicious than you’d imagine, just reading the ingredients—sweet, tangy, slightly crunchy, and oily. It takes less than 20 minutes to make, and pairs well with almost anything. I learned it from a Romanian friend while in Japan, but I think variations of it are common across Eastern Europe.


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