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Cauliflower kuku (frittata)

This is a very good, simple-to-prepare, dish. It’s a great main, or side-dish, or tapas. It’s got a rich flavour from the browned onions and cauliflower, and a great texture — somewhere between a torta and a quiche. It’s also a pretty effortless dish, so it’s a great addition to any big meal, Persian or otherwise.
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Ground lamb kebab (kubideh)

This kebab has a perfect oniony-meaty flavour, and a fantastic texture — a completely satisfying, kebab experience. Because of a dispiriting lack of decent Mediterranean street food in LA, we turn to this recipe to beat the doner kebab cravings. Kubideh is perfect served with rice, or in a wrap. It’s (of course) best done over charcoal, but it’s easy to make under a broiler, too.
Brad, Eliseo

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Onion-lentil rice (mujaddara)

This is pure comfort food. The caramelised onions add a sweetness that works well with the earthy lentils, and the cinammon and cloves. Mujaddara is a childhood favourite across the Middle East — a colleague once raved about how this lentil rice tasted like it was made by a Kuwaiti housewife. I guess I’ll just take that as a compliment.

Mujaddara’s a hearty, fragrant, and satisfying dish on its own, or as a side in a bigger meal. It’s good on the day it’s made, but it always tastes better the next day.mujabarra
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