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Seasoning to taste

Seasoning is at the heart of cooking. Depending on your ingredients, or your mood, you will need to adjust salt and spices for every recipe. For some seasonings, like chile or salt, people’s preferences may diverge quite a lot, and they’ll need to adjust their recipes. The only way to do this is to taste the food as you cook. A surprising number of people never actually taste what they’re cooking while it’s cooking, or before they serve it. It’s worth going over what we mean when we repeatedly say “season to taste” or “salt to taste”.

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Flame roasting

Flame roasting is a surprising, but useful, way to cook many vegetables — especially chiles and eggplant (but also tomato, onion, garlic or zucchini). It leaves them tender, and slightly smoky. You can do it any time you are barbecuing, on charcoal or gas; or at home on a gas stove. It’s a dramatic process, and once you get over the surprise of burning the outside of your food black, in direct fire, you can enjoy upsetting your guests.charring veggies

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