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Ca Rot Vietnamese daikon and radish pickles

This is a simple quick pickle, perfect as a side dish, or (especially) as an essential component for banh mi. As well as Vietnamese food, it would work well as ban chan for Korean food, or a general pickle for American barbecue or pulled pork.


They are ready after about an hour, but keep pretty well in the fridge for a week. Use whatever ratio of daikon and carrot you like but keep the weight approximately the same. We tend to use a little more vinegar than the recipe calls for, and we have already reduced the original amount of sugar — add more to suit your palate.

– 1 c (110g) carrot
– 1 c (150g) daikon
– 1 tbsp (15ml) salt
– 2 tbsp (30ml) sugar
– 1/4c (75ml) rice vinegar

Julienne the daikon and carrot. It should be a pretty fine julienne, but needn’t be obsessive. Sprinkle the vegetables with salt. Let them sit for ten minutes or so, then squeeze some of the moisture. Taste them. If they are too salty, rinse them and squeeze them.

Add the sugar and vinegar, and chill for at least half an hour. Taste again, and readjust. If they are too salty, you can thin it out with a little water, and adjust the sugar and vinegar to your liking.



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