Normandie Kitchen

Shared food in a share house

Mazin Elhadry

Everyone is number one in their own category. But that never stopped Mazin from trying to become the number one salsa maker, the number one dumpling ninja, the number one hummusizer, or the number one chimichurrist. From his first forays in making gyouza and coconut milk-agar jelly, sitting on a pre-furniture Normandie kitchen floor; to his enthusiastic participation in the very literal blood-bath of the first Normandie sausage fest, Mazin helped us perfect our techniques, and several dishes still bear his indelible stamp. Chimichurri is now, and forever will be, Mazin Sauce.


While several of his contributions to our kitchen reflected his Egytian upbringing (not his grandmother’s cooking—sadly—because she always ordered in) like ful medames, hummus, or molokhia; others were simply Mazin enthusiam. Like the from scratch ma-la Szechuan hotpot and the endless bowls of pico de gallo.

A doctor in the making, Mazin has always been quick to offer the best health advice. Like “Just call me Portion Control Mazin, because you can eat anything, as long as it’s in moderation”. A male in his twenties, Mazin was also quick (of course) to say, “Yes, I’ll have another portion, thanks.”



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