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Month: August 2016

Zesty tomato rotini salad

At the height of summer, the glut of spectacular tomatoes can be almost overwhelming. Even after tomatoes with olive oil and salt, pan con tomate, goose-bump inducing BLTs, panzanella, and gazpacho, there are still tomatoes demanding to be be used, and getting old and mushy. This pasta salad takes advantage of both fully ripe tomatoes, in pieces, and somewhat overripe tomatoes, as a bright salsa-style vinaigrette. It would be good with fresh mozarella or capers, or just as it is. We make it a little bit spicy, but suit yourself.

rotini and basil
pasta salad


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Watermelon, mint and feta salad

It’s a truth generally acknowledged, that any fruit is improved with chili, salt and lime juice. Whether you’re eating green mango and cucumber in Thailand, or papaya and pineapple in Los Angeles, that trinity of seasonings brings out sweetness and flavour from the fruit. This salad is a hybrid of that ubiquitous summer street vendor fruit, with Egyptian watermelon and feta salad, and made a bit heartier with a few North African favours. It’s pretty much a recipe without a recipe, so tweak it as you see fit, on a hot summer day when you don’t feel like cooking.

watermelon feta and cumin salad

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Mazin Elhadry

Everyone is number one in their own category. But that never stopped Mazin from trying to become the number one salsa maker, the number one dumpling ninja, the number one hummusizer, or the number one chimichurrist. From his first forays in making gyouza and coconut milk-agar jelly, sitting on a pre-furniture Normandie kitchen floor; to his enthusiastic participation in the very literal blood-bath of the first Normandie sausage fest, Mazin helped us perfect our techniques, and several dishes still bear his indelible stamp. Chimichurri is now, and forever will be, Mazin Sauce.


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