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Mythili Menon

mythiliMythili is a frequent visitor in our kitchen, and usurper of the stove. She isa linguistics student at USC (soon tenure track professor in Kansas!), from Kochi, Kerala, and is passionate about southern Indian food.

She’s also passionate (maybe a little inappropriately passionate?) about Kochi, as her following verse attests:

Every time you visit Kochi, you are rekindled with memories and melancholia, for Kochi is a good book on a rainy day, a warm drink on a sad day, a cool breeze on a hot and humid summer day, but most of all Kochi is a lover, holding you close day after day.

Mythili is exacting about methods, and exacting about ingredients. Especially the integrity of her spices. ESPECIALLY fresh curry leaves — she’s stolen whole branches from the Normandie curry-leaf trees. In exchange, she’s taught us the intricacies of tempering. She’s instructed us in egg roast. She’s tutored on sambar. She’s demonstrated rasam. And she’s introduced us to the sour, smoky and delicious Garcinia cambogia (nothing to do with Dr Oz — thanks for nothing you ridiculous snake-oil salesman).

Go to her blog, called Coconut Gratings, and check out more of her wonderful cooking! Or, her Kerala pepper chicken roast, here.



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