Normandie Kitchen

Shared food in a share house

Ulrike Steindl

Ulli, having lived and travelled in China, over the last 6 years (and speaking the language) is the Normandie resident Sino-gastrologist — interpreter and Sherpa. She has led us on intrepid expeditions to eateries far and wide, in search of hand pulled noodles, and jianbing.


Ulli is the Normandie Pickle Officer. Everything from gherkins, to spiced cow pea, to salted mustard greens are her particular purview. She moonlights part-time as the Sourness Assessor (where her assessment is usually, “Needs more.”)

Her spirit vegetable is the eggplant.

Typically, she team-cooks with Thomas, and together they have provided us with delicacies such as black-vinegar cabbage, and pork belly.



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