Normandie Kitchen

Shared food in a share house

Thomas Borer

Thomas is sometimes Swiss, sometimes Austrian, sometimes Lichtensteinian — depending on whatever is most confusing. Sometimes he’s yodelling, and slinging molten Ementhal around the kitchen; other times he’s cranking out schnitzel and noodles. Cooking, or singing along with Patrice Wilson or Gregory Brothers, standards — whatever he does, you can be sure it’s gonna be cheesey.


Thomas is the official Normandie meat pounder-flatter, fondue specialist, and passionate potato advocate. When he’s not cooking Chinese food with Ulli, you’ll find him, rather, sticking rich sauces into pastry; and making “I can’t believe it’s not cake” with chocolate, cornflakes, and yogurt. Having studied Chadic languages, in biblio and in situ, Thomas has expertise in West-African cuisine — along with Matilde, they represent our West African cooking team. He may munch on muesli in the morning; but fights fiercely with Brad over scraps of bacon, when the supplies dwindle.

Thomas has strong opinions on beer. And bread. And sausage. And linguistics. And politics. And movies. These opinions aren’t completely consistent — as long as they’re different from yours — but he’s sure to tell you exactly why he’s right.




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