Normandie Kitchen

Shared food in a share house

Chad Geib

Chad Geib is the Q of the Normandie kitchen. Incessantly tinkering with weird chadgadgets and technological wonders — smokers, stills, and sausage stuffers. He’s happiest when he’s buying parts from the hardware store, and increasing the efficiency of culinary processes.

A combination of a Middle-American upbringing, an early adulthood in Korea, and a residence in California, has given Chad a palate that encompasses American cheese, blood sausage soup, and slow cooked tongue. He enthusiastically embraces the food of his people: turducken, mustard barbecue sauce, and green bean casserole …

And the food of his girlfriend: naeng myun, doenjang jigae, and seolleongtang. And the food of the Normandie kitchen: osso bucco, and pizza, and steamed buns. But especially anything that tastes like smoke.

God he likes smoke.

Whiskey, and smoked ribs, and smoked turkey, and chipotles, and smokey barbecue sauce. Smoked ham bone pea soup. Smoked cherries. All of it.




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