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Barret Phillips

Career copepodist, amateur botanist, infusion enthusiast, and Normandie kitchen cocktail editorcocktail editor at large. Barret is a woman of many depths, and surprising contradictions. She hails from Texas, but swears by Hatch chilis. She is a bitter supertaster, but swills bourbon, and eats dark greens. A sometimes-vegetarian but … did I mention she comes from Texas?

Barret brings a lot of things to the Normandie kitchen. Her botanical knowledge is encyclopaedic, and she has a little “lab notebook” of fascinating gins she has made — orris root, cardamom, grains of paradise, and juniper; in combinations to dazzle and delight. She has mastered the Old Fashioned. She has tamed the margarita. She won the Hogwarts party with her Felix Felicis.

Add to that, a sophisticated grasp of Southwest cooking matched by no one (spoon bread? apple and chili pie?!) and we hope that her participation in our cooking, and her cocktails, keep on coming.



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