Normandie Kitchen

Shared food in a share house

Brad Foley

Brad hcamping in Joshua Treeas been at the Normandie house from about the very beginning. His cooking adventures here began on a single-element electric cooker, before there was any furniture. This is where the elaborate collaborative cooking began, sitting on the floor, making gyouza with Wendy and Mazin, and frying them on that damn cooker.

In the house, Brad is least likely to follow a recipe. And most of his recipes will be highly spiced. The running joke is that he’ll try to put saffron, cardamom and rosewater in absolutely everything. And it’s only partially a joke.

He’s east coast Canadian, and when pressed can be persuaded to make poutine or tourtiere; or a Newfoundland steamed pudding. But he grew up loving Lebanese food. Then he left Nova Scotia and lived all over the world, and encountered its food. Japan for 3 years, Australia for 5, backpacking throughout Asia, visits to Italy and Mexico. Most of what he cooks is only approximately related to a classic recipe, and will have influences of Mediterranean, Asian, or Indian.



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