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Forget those agonisingly sweet, candy-tasting limoncellos you might know. This should be fragrant, slightly numbing and tingling, and quite bitter. Kind of like Campari, but with less sugar. It’s a refreshing drink alone, with soda water, or in cocktails. Pompelmocello and Buddhacello are my favourite of the citrus infusions, by a long way. This is based on a recipe from Burning Pasta.

– 10 grapefruits
– 1000 ml decent vodka (I’ve been using Absolut)
– 2 c simple syrup

Peel (don’t zest) the grapefruits. Save the fruit and either juice it, or clean it to use in something like Vietnamese-style chicken and grapefruit salad. Infuse the peel for 3 weeks, then remove the peel.

For all of my infusions, I like to experiment with different proportions of syrup and alcohol in small volumes (usually sipping from shot glasses), with friends, to figure out how sweet we want it. Because too much sweetness destroys it for me, I prefer to add too little sugar than too much.

If you don’t make it too sweet, serve it with a little simple syrup on the side, so your friends can sweeten it to taste.




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